Business Travel Woes: 4 Ways NY Global Can Help

Business travel can present numerous frustrations, from getting a satisfactory hotel room to booking a flight that corresponds with your schedule and budget. Streamlining your processes, at the airport, in your destination city and every stop in between, can help ensure success and productivity.

One aspect of business travel that is a concern for many professionals is finding safe and reliable ground transportation for the duration of their trip. When your business travels take you to New York City, solid transportation becomes even more important, with the traffic congestion, confusing routes and constant roadwork. You need a company that can come through for you each and every time—and that company is New York Global.

4 important ways that NY Global can dramatically improve your business travel experience

  1. Reliable, Punctual Service

    When your business schedule is on the line, you need transportation that functions on your timeline. Cabs and ride-sharing services simply cannot provide business travelers with the guaranteed, punctual service that a reputable transportation company can.

    It starts with the reservation process—NY Global will ensure that you get the attention you need and the fully customized service that you deserve. If a meeting ends early or a flight arrives ahead of schedule, you can expect on-demand transportation that is as flexible as you are.

    Our chauffeurs will arrive early to each pick-up, fully informed on the parameters of your trip, and ready to manage your schedule with ease.

  2. A Diverse Fleet

    The safety and reliability of the vehicle you use for business travel is another concern—you deserve a late-model vehicle that is dependable, presentable and possesses the amenities you need.

    NY Global has carefully constructed a fleet that is diverse enough to meet all of your needs, whether it’s privacy, presentation, or an impressive space to entertain clients. Here’s a short list of some of the vehicles we offer:

    • Cadillac XLT
    • Mercedes E Class
    • BMW 7 Series
    • Mercedes S550
    • Tesla Model S
    • Cadillac Escalade
    • Lincoln MKT Limousine

    Each of these vehicles offers superior comforts, space, and presentation, from leather interiors to cargo space, XM Radio and more.

    When you book your corporate ground transportation with NY Global, you can anticipate only the finest vehicles, the most comfortable ride and ample time during your trips to focus on the things that matter, like preparing for a presentation, communicating with co-workers or relaxation.

    When you have the services of a professional car service company like NY Global, your business travel commutes belong to you again.

  3. Chauffeurs You Can Trust

    Relying on a stranger for your transportation can be intimidating and worrisome, especially when you don’t know if they’ve been carefully screened before being hired and assigned to handle your trip.

    This concern is especially concerning for those who rely on cabs or ride-sharing services during their travels, as reports of unsavory drivers have surfaced time and again.

    NY Global understands the concerns and risks associated with untrustworthy chauffeurs—that’s why our interview and screening process is among the most thorough in the industry.

    In addition to background checks and driver history reports, we also utilize random drug screenings to ensure that only the very best, most trustworthy chauffeurs are able to serve our clients.

  4. Ample Experience, Impressive Guarantees

    NY Global has 18 years of experience providing outstanding, trustworthy service to each of our clients. This experience has allowed us to establish a reputation as a provider of only the very best, from our punctuality to the expert knowledge and customer service of our chauffeurs.

    We can guarantee punctual service, vehicles that are meticulously maintained and replaced every two years, and transparent billing, all of which are guarantees that can dramatically improve your business travel experience.

We look forward to hearing from you.