Minimizing Transportation Stress during Your Trip to LaGuardia Airport

New York City can be intimidating to travelers, especially those working on a strict schedule. Getting to the airport on time can be a frustrating process when you don’t have a solid method of transportation on hand.

Whether you’re traveling through NYC on business or pleasure, you will inevitably be faced with a need to get to the airport within a certain time frame—and you need transportation you can trust when that time arrives.

To help you determine the best, most effective method of transportation to one of NYC’s most popular airports—LaGuardia—we’ve explored the different options, the drawbacks and the benefits of choosing smartly.

Drawbacks to Cabs in New York City

If you’re traveling for business, you know how important your schedule is. Unfortunately, cabs are not the friendliest option for maintaining that schedule, especially if you’re traveling during peak hours. You’ll be competing against multiple other travelers for a limited number of vehicles, and the odds aren’t in your favor.

Similarly, booking a cab does not necessarily mean that that cab will show up in a timely manner or at all; if a cab driver finds a more lucrative fare on the way to pick you up, you might just be out of luck. If you do manage to snag a cab, you aren’t guaranteed a knowledgeable driver that will manage your commute carefully and ensure that you get to LaGuardia, and onto your flight, in a timely manner.

Cabs are also not the most comfortable method of transportation; cleanliness and vehicle maintenance in cabs are general concerns for people who value safety and security. The same can be said of cab companies’ driver screening process. You deserve to know that person handling your trip can be trusted.

Drawbacks to Ride-Sharing Companies

Similarly to cabs, ride-sharing services are based on competition—if you’re competing with multiple people for a ride, or a driver doesn’t want to handle your particular trip, you aren’t guaranteed service, and you’ll have to scramble to arrange something else, often at the last minute.

What’s more, if you’re traveling during peak times, you might face tremendous surcharges for your trip to LaGuardia. Certain ride-sharing companies have been known to exact price increases of up to 5X their standard rates when transportation is in particularly high demand.

You deserve safe, reliable transportation, transparent billing and guaranteed service during your trip to LaGuardia, and a ride-sharing service isn’t the best option to meet those standards.

The Best Option: NYC Car Service

Car service is the answer to each of these aforementioned transportation concerns. Not only are you guaranteed service from the moment you make your reservation, you can expect meticulous punctuality and the very best vehicles, as well.

NY Global’s chauffeurs are carefully interviewed and selected, and we issue random drug and alcohol screenings to ensure that your trip is handled by only the most qualified and professional employees. You can also expect your NY Global chauffeur to have expert knowledge of NYC and its complex layout, ensuring that you’ll take the quickest, most efficient routes to LaGuardia, each and every time.

We also offer impressive guarantees for our clients utilizing our airport transportation services: if your chauffeur is just 1 minute late, you will get 50% off your next ride with NY Global. We value your business and your schedule, and will do our very best to ensure that each is expertly maintained.

NY Global has the reputation, vehicles, chauffeurs and experience to provide you with airport transportation that meets all of your needs.

Give us a call next time you’re headed to LaGuardia—especially if you want to get there on time.